This page provides quick links to information and resources most often used by Welsh Bac centres.

In this section you can find the following:

  • Welsh Baccalaureate specifications- teaching, learning and assessment requirements forthe qualification at each level.
  • Assessment materials- copies of the current compulsory Candidate Diaries and Individual Investigation Assessment Forms.
  • Guidance- a range of essential guidance covering all aspects of the qualification e.g. Good Practice Guides and PowerPoints designed for use with staff and/or students. This section contains important guidance on assessment of the Individual Investigation and Candidate Diary as well as on all the other Core components.
  • The Centre Progress File - what to include. See also guidance above.
  • Delivery Plans- an electronic copy of a generic delivery plan for internal or WJEC use e.g. when requested by WJEC officers undertaking centre visits or used by centres planning delivery of Welsh Baccalaureate programmes.
  • Marketing- a range of materials and resources for use by centres e.g. the WBQ style guide, leaflets and logos.
  • Annual Reports- an annual analysis of performance and achievement.
  • Principal Moderator Reports -┬áReports for 2013 and 2014 which include helpful comments to assist centres preparing learners for the next series.
  • WBQ and HE- information and resources for centres relating to HE application e.g. statements about the Welsh Bac from universities.
  • Candidate Tracking- a straightforward resource for centres to track candidate achievement in the WBQ Core.
  • Useful Organisations - a short explanation, links and/or contact details of useful organisations for all aspects of the WBQ.